Love your Dimples

At the age of 18 I was accepted into a Dance Academy in melbourne Victoria where I spent two and a half years training twelve hours a day, six sometimes seven days a week to become a professional dancer.When I was accepted I didn't realise that there were three different levels for the students in my year. This was the first time that I had ever trained at a professional dance training academy in my life so I was completely unaware of the levels of training that was happening around me.

I was accepted as a certificate student which was a class for the students who hadn't had as much training as the other students who where accepted for 2016. I remember standing outside a class one day that was happening, the students where incredible. I remember turning to my friend and asking her who they were. She replied ' they're the diploma students, the best in our year". I decided then and there that I was going to make it into that class. I had no idea how but I was going to make it happen. Within 6 months I was the first ever student to be moved up into a higher level. I knew I had my work cut out for me but I was ready.

I began auditioning for Stage shows the following year, once we hit 2nd year we were aloud to enter "The audition room". I always made it though to the very end but never quite got it the job. Until chicago came along, (someone was looking after me that day) 😊 . In between Chicago and kismet I travelled back and forth to melbourne and sydney to audition for the musicals my agent thought I had a shot with, I would get to the end and then nothing, "every time"

I was beginning to think that maybe I just didn't have that something "special", that Xfactor. I was told once that I was the girl who had great  "potential  but I would have to work very hard at whatever I wanted to achieve to be great. What was it? what was I missing?. why aren't I ever that person that gets chosen.  Right back to my studies I have been a person who has had to work hard at something before I get it. Some things come natural, some things don't. They say that when you work hard you will always be rewarded. I agree 100%. However I think there is some miss communication about how we are rewarded. I always thought if you earn your stripes then you will be rewarded the way you wanted to be. You get what you need, not what you want. This can get confusing sometimes, especially when you know that you have put more hours, more time, and delivered a better audition then the ones who actually got the gig. How does that work? and then come the questions..... I don't get it, I nailed it, I worked my backside off and the person who gets it over you doesn't even come close to your level or dedication you put into it (So you think).

This is the industry we have chosen and this is pretty much what it is all about knock back after knock back and that we can handle, We know what we are signing up for when we step into this world, but what I think is the hardest part sometimes is accepting. We rattle our brains, get angry, call it unfair, try to make ourselves feel better by saying … wait for it. " it's just what they are looking for". Somehow for awhile there I found comfort in that, "ill catch the next one". Then after time I decided that was bullshit and If I was working my ass off this much and putting my heart and soul into everything I challenged myself with then something has got to give. Then we get to the stage when we completely let go, we have worked so tiressly and endlessly yet we still feel like we are standing on the very same stone we started on, ...and now were done, or we just don't care so much anymore we already think we know what will happen so whatever, save ourselves the heartache.

Then just like that the doors open

We are our own worst enemy, first mistake putting energy into other people journeys. Their not on the same road as you!. we all have thoughts, we are HUMAN it happens, but we are not put here to judge others or assume that we deserve something more than another person, You only live in your shoes not theres so you wont ever know what brought them to were they are today. We all deserve success and to be rewarded but its not always going to happen when YOU want it to happen. Of course sometimes we can be buyest of ourselves and think that we perhaps deserved something over another person, but that is only our opinion and nothing happens for no reason. Don't let other peoples success be a reflection on how you see yourself and your own potential. You may think your not moving from that stone but what you don't realise is its floating on the water that is moving underneath you. 

What if it was as simple as this. A very wise man once asked, why does a golf ball have dimples?

So it can travel further than if it was smooth all over

So what if we are the golf ball? and all those knock backs, disappointments and heart aches are creating our dimples so that we will travel further? You see its how you look at your life that matters only you know what you are capable of, and if we didn't have these experiences we wouldn't be able to create more dimples and therefore we wont go as far in life.

If I went through life dwelling on all of my knock backs I'd be out! 

The universe has something else lined up for you, and what I mean by that is you aren't ready yet. You need more dimples because what's coming to you is not something you can see just yet but what's destined for you is something greater, bigger and the universe needs you to have those dimples because without them you aren't going to travel as far as the universe intends you to go. So you see we are getting what we want when the time is right for us. If we got what we wanted as soon as we thought we were ready for it, we may not have gone as far in life because we didn't have enough dimples, but in time and patience and trust the universe will provide you with what you need which in turn will bring you to what you want and if you have no expectation of that, you will be pleasantly surprised with what awaits you. So love your dimples and the next time you are in a audition, applying for the uni you want, in a competition.... anything!!!, remember your dimples and love them because in time you WILL  be rewarded just the you were always destined to be. 

Never lose faith.


Love H O P E x

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