A N Y T H I N G & E V E R Y T H I N G

What if we had no other choice but to say yes to the risks we are often to scared to take?…

What if saying "yes" was our only choice, I wonder what we could achieve.

It's easy to find excuses for not living up to your potential; it's much harder to do something about it. If you find yourself complaining about the same aspect of your life over and over again……Stop! Take a deep breath and put the energy you usually spend on complaining towards reinventing that part of your life. 

Start by saying YES!

Why is it that we spend our time visualising the life we want for ourselves but when the opportunities start to present themselves we are the first to say or think … mmmm what if this happens? What if it doesn't work out? What if, what if, what if. WHAT IF you didn't think twice about it and just said YES, dived straight in and said to yourself this is going to be amazing, I'am so grateful for this experience or these experiences that I am about to have, I wonder what would happen. (seems so simply doesn't it?) it is. Life would be so much more exciting and less complicated and painful don't you think. We find ourselves trying to find comfort in the words, oh well its all part of the journey, if its meant to happen it will, I'll just wait and see what happens. Yet we don't allow ourselves to participate fully in the journey, what's meant to happen will only begin when you begin believing and creating it yourself and the longer we "wait" to see what happens we'll be waiting. 


Think back to when you almost said YES to being offered a job opportunity, enrolling yourself in a course that interests you, putting yourself forward for a competition, personal development programme, joining a gym, saying hello to a stranger at a friends party, allowing yourself to grow, learn and achieve but you just couldn't bring yourself to say YES! Why ? What stopped you? Who stopped you? Was it that little birdie that likes to sit on your shoulder and tell you all the reason why you couldn't, or you're not capable, good enough, ready, blah blah blah blah. What if there was no voice, and we made a choice to control our minds and just say YES! Ever wonder what we may have achieved or where we might be now? What if we Stop thinking so much about what we "think" we can't achieve and focus on what we are "wanting" and to achieve. Its funny….We love to throw these phases around such as this one for example. "you only live once".Yes thats true. We do, so then we ask ourselves, why aren't we living? Why aren't we creating? Why aren't we discovering our true potential? What are we waiting for? When all we really need to do it simply say YES! 

Some people will say that it's not that easy, or another good one is it's easier said than done. Firstly can I just say that I used to be one of these people, and secondly my life was driven by fear based thinking        (enough said). I have always been a determined, go getter but that doesn't mean I didn't have times when I stood in my own way.

Fear based thinking can be a very damaging thing, and controls more lives then we realise. 

Over time we learn that this is all just wasted energy and we could be creating so many wonderful things in our life if we just let go of fear and all the "bullshit" (excuse the french) we drag along with us and just went for it. There is no such thing as perfection in this world and no one in this world is perfect. (sorry but its true) Learn to love your mistakes for they will teach you and give you the tools you need to grow, Be adventurous, take risks, fall over, let go of fear, swallow your pride and just — say YES! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. What we dont realise is that when we say YES we give ourselves permission to open many other strengths within ourselves.  We learn to trust ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to love ourselves enough, to encourage ourselves and to allow ourselves to discover. What that might be lies purely within each of us. That's the beauty of saying YES!

Fear less and just say - YES!

Love  H O P E xx 

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