▪️What’s your definition of fear? 
▪️Do you know?. 
▪️Is it Something that scares you? 
▪️Frightens you? 
▪️Is it there with you all the time? 
You cant see it , You cant smell it , cant touch it, 
▪️Is it crippling? 
▪️Does It stops you from moving forward. 
▪️How do you grow? 
▪️How do you jump into love? 
▪️How do you know? 
▪️How do you learn
▪️Who you are? 
▪️How do you take risks? 
▪️How do you find you? 
▪️How do you know what your afraid of if your afraid of being afraid.

Where did it come from this fear? Who even created it and gave it such power to the point that it could almost destroy a life we could have potentially lived. Were all told to have dreams, and big plans for them, but yet we stand still in THIS FEAR…Fears that we cant even see, I want you to think about something for a moment ok?

Do you have someone in your life that you look up to? Think about it. Someone that you admire and if you were to be watching the movie of their life would you chant for them as loud as you could because you wanted so badly for them to have the success and take those risks and make those changes for themselves because you believed in them? If it’s a yes ? Why? Why? would you get so much joy out of watching THEIR movie? Is it because your standing on the outside and your looking in and now you can see. YOU can see this bigger picture you can see what’s around them, you can see their opportunity, their gifts, their strength, all of the potential that they have to give to the world. Their individuality, You can see them! Can they see that for them? Or can they see that for you? 

I wonder If having someone to look up to and admire is really helping us, if we have to wait for someone to be admirable to achieve, to be recognized, to meet success in the eyes of todays society to inspire us, how do we get to a point in our lives where we can do the same for ourselves. How do we find our own point of difference, how to we admire our difference, how do we make a difference? Watch our own movie and be our own cheer quad,’How can we ever believe that we can be the creators of something great is we wait for it to be done by another person first and why can we hear fear for ourselves but we can’t hear it for ourselves. 

Its interesting isn’t it, how we choose to see what we want to see. We feel what we choose to feel and we hear what we choose to hear. The one thing that fear has in common with all of us is choices. 

I ask myself what my definition of fear is. If everything in life was up to our own definition as I believe It is. Then what if my definition of fear was choice and if I choose my choice for it to not exist then what happens?🤷‍♀️

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