The Greatest Gift

This post was inspired by the beautiful Esta Video "Dance in the Mirror"

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The Greatest gift we could ever give ourselves is to always listen to the child within us, as they are the ones who first have compassion before judgment, they are the ones who see their dreams as their current realties, they are the ones who speak their minds and never once think about conforming to society as we know it. When we see childen in the street more often then not they make us smile or laugh not because they are cute, but because the majority of the time we find them doing the things we no longer consider to be appropriate in todays society, 

A child will always speak their mind, say how they feel and gladly smile at a stranger or reach out to hold their hand. They will do all the wonderful things that as adults we will sometimes question before making a decision based on what we might get back as a response because we are no longer listening to our truth and our inner voice but the voice of something else. 

So why do we laugh when a child speaks their truth and call an adult who speak their truth someone who is very forward or uncomfortably confident. why is it sweet when a child spreads love to the world but as an adult you a then put into a category or stereo typed as a "kind of person" If a child may wave or say hi to a stranger an immediate response it to say hi back and can sometimes make your day but as an adult our first response may be to check first if they are actually waving at you or the person behind you. It may even shock you or make you ask yourself if you know that person, because why would a stranger just say hi right? They say enjoy being a child because they are the best days of your life. why? why do they have to be, because as an adult your responsibly is to now conform.

I think children make us smile and laugh because they remind us how wonderful it feels to be that inner voice and to show up exactly as you are all the time. I also think sometimes we smile and we laugh because we are shocked back into perhaps a remembrance and it becomes almost an embarrassed kind of funny to see because as we grow up it becomes less acceptable.. so we laugh because we think "oh the things we do as a child". When we are little we are not yet exposed to societies plan of messages to us, we haven't formed habits, we haven't really had time to watch our parents or people around us. We are still in our own minds and are intuitively thinking for ourlseves an perhaps subconsciously following our own gut feelings. 

Never loose that child within as they hold the answers, they are and forever will also be the most authentic, real, version of yourself that you will forever find. Yes we have rules and yes as an adult we have responsibility and we mature yes! but i think we can all learn something from listening,listening to the beautiful voice with in.

I think children are a beautiful reminder and a way back to the core of our true self. 

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