Babies, gestures and smiles! This is your weekend challenge

Have you ever noticed how much a persons face lights up when they see a baby? 

Ok hope where are you going with this?

haha.. Well today whilst running a few Erin's I found myself crossing paths with a lot of woman and their babies. 

(and no I'm not clucky) haha I still have time for all that!  

Then It was on my mind after I saw my first mum with her bub! After that I kept seeing them all day due to the fact I was thinking about how everytime someone walked past they would smile and almost giggle a little bit to themselves. Have you noticed that? I observed this  all day and watched the expressions of people and how you could see there whole deminia chance when they saw these beautiful little babies and there parents or parent.

Some even had a quick conversations with each other or said hi! As if to acknowledge them and say she is beautiful or he is beautiful.  Of perhaps a connection that from one mother to another mother may have. 

So I tired something, I decided to walk towards people and anyone I could see that looked as though a smile would brighten their day, I gave it to them and said hi! 

Now you might think this sounds bazar, like they might be thinking Ummmmmm have we met? Why are you smiling at me werido?

But the crazy thing is., ( and I totally just started a sentence with but, but who cares) hahha. The thing is why are we only giving someone a kind gesture and acknowledgment when there is a baby involved? Now in all fairness it does make sense that when there is a reason to stop and acknowledge someone for something or if perhaps when they have children you do, because otherwise why are we stopping when we don't particularly know these people.

Do you find yourself walking into any kind of store, place, restaurant, salon etc having a chat to the sales team, restaurant staff, or hair dressers for that matter and sometimes even making friends out of these experiences? Right? Ok so then what happens when you walk out.. Do you go back into you head? thinking about all the missions you are wanting to complete for that day? Following day etc? Or do you feel happy and perhaps motivated, and vibrant?

Right , well I think we are all on this ride sometimes. Head down, concentration face on. You may even sometimes catch yourself clocking eyes with someone who is in a similar boat to you that perhaps you have a quiet  thought to yourself as you pass by them like, ooh they look really nasty. Right?

However how nice is it when someone smiles at you, or you smile at them. 

I'd like to challenge you this weekend to just smile, wherever you are during your day or night, when your out doing what you need to do, start to observe all the walks of life around you and If you can just simply smile at all those people and send them all your love for that day. You may be suprises how nice it feels when you receive one back and If you are someone who is quite shy, challenge yourself with this and if you don't get one back that's ok because you have sent them love and they will subconsciously remember that and in the right time they will then find themselves repeating that same gesture to someone's else. Almost like your good deed for the day! Let's call it sharing the love! 

As I said in my last post we can all get so caught up in our own worlds that we forget what's happening around us but really we are all going through a similar process in this life only each journey is different. 

So if you can challenge yourself this weekend by simply smiling and bringing love and happiness into someone else's heart! I garantee the results will be rewarding . 

Happy Weekens and happy smiling! 

Love H O P E  



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