I can't help but wonder

Chasing dreams 


Sometimes I wonder what it's all about.. We chase and fight for our dreams and sometimes it feels like we are just running around in circles and perhaps left wondering why we are yet to catch up to them. 

Have we got it all wrong ? Are we yet to catch up to them because we aren't ready for them yet, or are they waiting for us to create them so that they can catch up to us? What is it we are actually chasing?   

Were told what we you put in, we will get back and when you work hard you will always be rewarded.


why is it, that when we finally give in to the chase and fight, let go and allow flow our dreams come true.

They say what we get is what we need and not always what we want, and  when we are rewarded it's in a way we never would've  expected.

Once we realise that we are the creators and we don't have to try catch up to our "dreams" . We then allow ourselves to let go and allow flow, we then realise that there is no chase and fight, because we create our future and we create a life we wish to live, a life that makes us happy. 

So I can't help but wonder.

Once we realise we are the creators in which we discover from chasing and fighting for our dreams  


Are our dreams really our dreams or are they ours lesson?


Love H O P E xxxx

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