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My motive for presenting this profile on Hope Devaney is pure pleasure as seeing her on stage, under my direction has been a treat. Her openness to direction is refreshing and her trust in me both challenging and encouraging to push her further. She said to me once, “Do really want me to go that far?” My reply was yes. Next rehearsals she stair cased this and on opening night Hope drove it through and to the point where there was nothing left that night- drained. We pulled back a gear but still the momentum was there despite the risk to personal fears and reservations. She went on to perfect and lock in this dramatic extension. Technique and training was withheld throughout the season.
As we all know some nights’ performances are better than others but not in Hope’s case. Over 9 performances it got better. The audiences’ comments came through, “dynamic”,” powerhouse”, “mesmerising” and “captivating and I want to see more in another role.” My grasp as a director? Hope made me cry, laugh and say “Yes, that’s it.”
Although Hope played a main role she supported her fellow actors, connected with them and kept the chemistry building. An unselfish joining of characterisations.

By Director Trevor Dhu


“My first impression of Hope was that she is strong, relatable and humble yet driven. I have a strong sense that she has the edge and ability to give it a great shot in Canada and the US and that for me is usually spot on,” Dawson reveals. “Hope has the ambition and unbeatable spirit that you need to succeed yet she is humble and willing to learn. The fact that she is taking the leap and making a go of it overseas is very important.”

Hollywood Immersive Director

By Lilly Dawson




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Hope Devaney’s passion for acting on stage and screen began at a later age. Having already established herself as a sought-after dancer and singer, at 19 years of age Devaney successfully applied for the Certificate IV in Musical Theatre at one of Australia’s leading performing arts schools, Dance World Studios in Melbourne. Her talent was instantly recognised by her teachers and she received a “Colours Scholarship” and the “Most Diligent Student of the Year” award.

Shortly after graduating in 2009, Devaney made her stage debut landing the swing role  in the Australasian tour of “Chicago the Musical”. Continuing her run of success, Devaney landed her next role in the stage production of “Kismet”.  Returning to Perth, she won roles as a lead in Rodman Picture’s soon to be released feature film, “Lurking Woods” and as supporting lead, Sarah, in Insomnia Asleep Entertainment’s “Futility”, followed by a guest role in Pann MuruJaiyan’s “Imperfect Quadrant” later this year.  Beyond the screen, Devaney scored opportunities as a dancer for international and national stars such as Guy Sebastian, Samantha Jade and Prinnie Stevens. Devaney has continued to impress audiences with her vocal talents, performing as the lead singer for Perth’s own “Miss Scarlet Burlesque” directed by Janelle Vaccaro. In Perth, Devaney attended workshops run by the world renowned NIDA and WAAPA and has ventured into screen acting with courses delivered by industry professionals at Perth Actors Collective and Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting. She has also had extensive accent training and can deliver a range of accents with accuracy. In January 2014, Devaney was selected for the Hollywood Immersive programme for actors in Los Angeles where she worked closely with casting director Lilly Dawson. She was approached to work with Hollywood Immersive team again, completing the Beverly Hills Playhouse Masterclass in Melbourne.

Devaney relocated to Sydney in 2016 to pursue her career and further training, after graduating from NIDA’s one year Screen Actor’s Studio course Hope was chosen to play the lead female role in Triple Js Film Clip for band MID AYR Vampires before flying back to WA where she shot ‘the brand Agency’s” government commercial Meth can take control campaign where she played the leading role.  Since moving to  Canada to further her acting career Hope has already started making waves, recently staring in Dublin Band Vinc's Music video "Ghost" as the lead female and more recently playing the female lead role in Hiraeth, Directed by Mark Doyle. 

Versatility, passion and professionalism are all qualities one can expect to find in this truly talented performer.