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B Burlesque Classes

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B Burlesque

Come and let your hair down and have a dance with us! All levels and experience welcome!!! B Burlesque is about empowering woman to explore, Discover and embrace the goddess within!!! We create a safe and positive environment to free your wild beautiful selves!! Learn more about our B Burlesque Technique breakdown classes and Our B Burlesque Routine Classes. Come and FUN with us .

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mirrors, meditation &young living

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to let go completely?

Do struggle to love and honour yourself? Sit in front of a mirror and admire what your see and hold a space for yourself that is full of nothing but loving, positive and encouraging thoughts?

With the power and loving guidance of essential oils we face our biggest challenges by breathing deeply into our belly of courage and we set ourselves free of thoughts, stresses and expectations. We learn to look at ourselves and love what we see, honour what we see and be grateful for our reflections.


Artist Management Australia.

5' 6"

65 KG

Hair Color
light brown/ blonde

Eye Color

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